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Tube Bits for 04/16/2008

  • Ron Moore, of Galactica fame, gets his slot on the roulette wheel that is science fiction on Fox. He has been given the greenlight for a two-hour, back door pilot called Virtuality. The show “is set aboard the starship Phaeton on a 10-year journey to explore a distant solar system. To help the 12 crew members endure the long trip and keep their minds occupied, NASA has equipped the ship with advanced virtual-reality modules, allowing them to assume adventurous identities and go to any place they want. The plan works until a mysterious bug is found in the system”. Oh boy, just what we need, an entire series about the holodeck going haywire. Where’s Wesley when you need him?
  • Candleblog wonders what went wrong with Battlestar Galactica? I don’t know, I’m still watching. It’s still better than most dreck on TV.
  • The season three finale of Dr. Who is this Saturday on BBC America. In anticipation, BBC America is making audio commentary available for the finale featuring David Tennant. You can stream it live or download and listen to it when you watch the show. Cool.
  • Micheal L. Wentz loved The Sarah Jane Adventures. Then he goes all crazy and calls Russell T. Davies the Gene Roddenberry of our generation.
  • TVShowsOnDVD is reporting that season 2 of the remastered Star Trek series will be available on August 5th. Now that the format wars of the 00’s are over, you can expect to see a Blu-Ray version in the near future.
  • ABC is confirming that they have, indeed, ordered an additional hour of LOST to air this season. Awesome. Pre-empting LOST for that hack medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy? Lame.
  • For all you Stargate fans, next time you’re in Vegas, be on the lookout for the new Stargate themed slot machine! Seriously, if Sci Fi really wants to expand their brand, why not a science fiction themed casino? Mansquito could be the doorman. The possibilities are endless.
  • Two new Clone Wars novels, based on the upcoming animated show, will also be available in audiobook form.
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5 Comments on Tube Bits for 04/16/2008

  1. There’s already the “Star Trek Experience” at the LV Hilton. Maybe the SciFi Experience could be at Bally’s. I’d totally go.

  2. Mr. Moore should read more science fiction. See “The Saturn Game” by Poul Anderson.

  3. Or “Old Twentieth” by Joe Haldeman.

  4. fheywood // April 21, 2008 at 1:00 pm //

    “Virtuality” sounds like a major rip-off of “Old Twentieth” by Joe Haldeman.

  5. Your right I just finished reading OLD TWENTIETH and this plot is pretty much exactly the same. Aren’t their laws against that sort of thing?

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