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Tube Bits for 04/28/2008

  • Disney’s movie Lilo and Stitch has already spawned an animated series. Now there’s talk of an anime series to be called Stitched!. Possibly in conjunction with the anime, Runat has created this combo radio/CD player based on Stitch’s head. It will be available in Japan starting May 1st, and will run about $90. Watch your fingers.
  • SciFiChick has the trailer for the upcoming Stargate: Continuum movie. Enjoy.
  • If there are any Heroes fans left, you may want to check out Allan Arkush, as he lets loose with some info about season 3. And if you aren’t, then there’s no reason not to look. Who knows, maybe it will sound interesting enough to bring you back…
  • You may have heard that the old TV show Get Smart will be making its big screen debut later this summer. What you didn’t know was that there is already a spin-off of that movie. A direct-to-DVD feature called Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control, about two technicians who work at CONTROL. Why is that interesting? Masi Oka co-stars. I think co-star is the right word to use here.
  • ITV has confirmed that they are remaking, or ‘re-versioning’ as they call it, the Patrick McGoohan screw-with-your-head-fest show The Prisoner. Will they stay true to the original’s pedigree and create a show that challenges viewers, or will they try to make one more accessible to a wider range of audience (should they?)
  • Film School Rejects tells us about The Evolution of TV or: How I Learned to Love Battlestar Galactica. Of course Neil, the author, says this after having viewed only season 1. And I can agree with him here, as season 1 is, by far, the best season of Galactica. Season 4 seems to be wallowing in a pit of self-loathing, throwing a pity party for all the characters. They’d better end this in a cool way.
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