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Tuesday YouTube: Muppetstar Galactica

I jumped off the Battlestar Galactica train a season ago and I haven’t looked back. That is, until I caught the first two episodes of this last season to see if the fanboy raving was warranted. It wasn’t. What a snoozefest.

So, I echo Chris Roberson‘s sentiment when I blatantly copy: “Honestly, I think I’d rather watch a whole season of this than the last limping days of BSG…”

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10 Comments on Tuesday YouTube: Muppetstar Galactica

  1. I completely agree – BSG jumped the shark in the second season and has been downhill ever since.

  2. wikkidfrog // April 22, 2008 at 12:46 pm //

    Full agreement here. I think the undeserved accolades that this show gets from the fanboys is just a reaction to the current weak state of sci-fi television. Quality Sci-Fi just isn’t available at the moment on television; be it network or cable.

  3. I agree, this series went downhill in a hurry. Its afternoon soaps with special effects and less sex. Its sad to say but I think the original battlestar now appears to be better. At least they actually did something in each hour. This one has entire seasons where nothing happens.

  4. I still like both series, but for different reasons.

    Oh, and I think Gonzo is the Final Cylon. He is from another planet, after all.

  5. CTDeLude // April 22, 2008 at 8:49 pm //

    I’ve jumped into it and out of it and I think I’m done now. It’s just too muddled with these plots of who’s a Cylon, who’s going nuts and just overall a lack of energy. I mean, who wants to watch a show where everyone, hero and villain alike, are just so f’d up? It just weighs done everything and is a good example of why showing heroes being heroes isn’t exactly a bad thing.

  6. joshua corning // April 23, 2008 at 1:33 am //

    The space battle that kicked off the new season was nice….

    Can’t really think of anything else.

  7. …and they have a plan:


  8. CTDeLude: I like that none of the characters are completely heroic. It makes their fleeting moments of heroism that much more powerful. I understand what you’re saying though, and for other shows I’d be right there with you. How gritty I expect a show to be depends on how the writers define the conflict early on. Since this series is ultimately about man vs. machine, showing humanity in all its messiness seems fundamental to the story.

  9. The problem with a show where nobody is heroic leaves the show as a mess. There is very little differentiation between characters and who wants to see everybody with their flaws hanging out. Isn’t that a bit too close to real life? I am all for gritty space opera and more realism, but too much and the entire effect is lost. I would also point out that the issue should never have been about who is a cylon and who isn’t since that is seems like nothing more than a handwaving affair to prevent folks from looking too close at the peeling paint and rusty corners.

    Also, Gonzo being the last cylon is too obvious, but Beaker on the other hand…:D

  10. The tag line should be: “And they have a band…


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