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Wednesday YouTube: The Andromeda Strain Trailer and Promo

I’m getting excited about the A&E adaptation of Michael Crichton’s The Andromeda Strain. I loved the book and enjoyed the 1971 Robert Wise film, and this is looking pretty decent even though they changed some things (as they always do).

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7 Comments on Wednesday YouTube: The Andromeda Strain Trailer and Promo

  1. Matte Lozenge // April 16, 2008 at 4:52 pm //

    Imagine the present day movie executive watching the original Andromeda Strain movie. What goes through his/her mind?

    “Good premise, lots of potential with the killer alien infection angle. But too cerebral. It’s all about science, fer crissakes. Scientists in labs doing research to save the world. That’s never gonna fly with today’s aud.

    “Yeah, we can punch this up. Lotsa screaming victims bleeding from every orifice. Thuggish soldiers going nuts with guns and flames. Lakes of blood. Rooms fulla corpses. More screaming victims. Crashing jets, yeah.

    “And the scientists? Forget the efficient, competent research types methodically tracking down a solution. Auds today don’t go for those elitist know-it-all types. Our scientists are gonna be Gen Y: upbeat, creative and totally clueless. Big angry commander types will yell at them a lot. Yeah, that’s what today’s audiences want. It’s a sure hit.”

  2. I found the commercial (literally) nauseating, with all those blinkouts. If that’s indicative of what the directing of this movie will be like–and why wouldn’t it be?–I’ll pass. How about real tension instead of phony tension created by self-conscious film directors?

  3. While the original film is a classic the story still offers potential for an update. Odd that it’s on A & E but it could be entertaining. I agree with the poster that the trailer is lacking somewhat. You just want to tell the yelling general to shut up.

  4. It’s hard to know whether the trailer is a fair representation of the movie. I hope you’re wrong Matte.

  5. Despite any well-founded preconceptions, I still hold hope. Heh…what are the chances of me being the optimist in the crowd? šŸ˜‰

  6. I reckon it’ll be fun… but considering I liked the science angle of the Robert Wise movie, I’ll only be looking to this for a bit of a popcorn flick type effort.

  7. That entire trailer was undercut by the use of an exact copy of one of the Zerg spawn .wavs on the dissolving text.

    Made the entire thing seem silly.

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