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Asimov’s and Analog Now Available for Kindle

Asimov’s Science Fiction Editor Sheila Williams tells us that the Asimov’s and Analog magazines are now available in eBook version for the Amazon Kindle device:

Asimov’s Science Fiction and Analog Science Fiction and Fact are now available on Kindle from Amazon. Issues can be purchased for $2.99 per month from Kindle Magazines and Journals. Kindle Magazine subscriptions start with a 14-day free trial. You can cancel at any time during the free trial period. If you enjoy your subscription, do nothing and it will automatically continue at the regular monthly price.

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5 Comments on Asimov’s and Analog Now Available for Kindle

  1. I haven’t read an issue of Analog in years. Is it still publsihed in digest format?

  2. Jim- yup, it is still published physically.

    That is a great deal for the Kindle. Over at eBookwise (where I have my subscription) you have to shell out for a 2 year subscription to get the $2.99 per issue rate.

    (I can live with that, though.)

  3. Thanks Karen, sadly, the Kindle isn’t availible here in Canada (6)

  4. You’ve been able to get Analog and Asimov’s in Mobipocket format for years and years. Check The Kindle uses Mobipocket, just a slightly different “flavor”.

    So instead of buying a Kindle in Canada, buy a Bookeen Cybook (see NAEB LLC for a good price) and load it with Analog from Fictionwise…


  5. Thanks Fred, I’m going to look into this:)


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