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Moon Town

Steve Ogden writes in to tell us that the web site for Moon Town is live.

Moon Town is a web-based animated scifi series. Sadly, no plot details are given, but the web site offers up a blog and a series of podcasts detailing the behind-the-scenes development of the series.

The first episode has yet to appear but is scheduled for June 30th, 2008. The visual style looks promising; the ships look cool in a retro way. Browse to Moon Town’s eye candy page and check out the Security Cruiser and the Moon Shark and you’ll see what I mean.

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5 Comments on Moon Town

  1. Hi, John

    Thank you so much for linking up Moon Town! Quite an honor.

    For anyone looking for plot details, the plot of our first episode can be found in the Episodes page at

    Hope to see you there, and thanks again!

    -Og (Steve Ogden, Director | Project Moon Town)

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Steve. (Here is the episode link, folks.) Can you elaborate on the overall premise of the series?

  3. Sure, John

    The overall premise is that it’s the future, and mankind has used up all the resources on Earth. We’ve established an outpost on the moon – Luna Seven, also known as Moon Town. The purpose of this outpost is twofold – the mining outpost mines resources from the moon, and also serves as a way station for an asteroid mining operation that runs between the asteroid belt and the moon. Resources are harvested, refined, and sent back to earth.

    Over the past few years, however, incidents of piracy have broken out, to the point that the Terraluna Security Agency has begun putting Security Agents on escort duty. That’s where Captain Cassandra Quinn comes in. She’s a rookie agent who leads a pretty uneventful life, but eager to prove herself. As to whether she was poorly cast by the Agency, or argued herself in for more than she can handle is an issue I will have to allow to be revealed over the course of several episodes. :O

    Meanwhile, Moon Town is also the story of a man named Simon Tripline (used to be Melvin, but in an exclusive just for your SFSignal readers, I’m changing his name to Simon… Listen to next week’s podcast for more on that.) Simon is a miner who runs a sort of asteriod tow-boat spaceship. He doesn’t like his job very much, but as he’s fond of saying, it’s a living.

    But Simon and Cassandra will both be pulled out of their hum-drum lives and into Action and Adventure when they meet, and it’s that Action and Adventure which forms the backbone of Moon Town.

    The show also touches on the notion that even in the future, the future hasn’t quite arrived (“Where’s my flying car? Didn’t they promise us flying cars in the future!?”) as the Dirty Jobs still exists. We need someone to sweep the floors, to mine resources, and keep the plumbing regular.

    There is also an interesting cast of supporting characters including incompetent administrators, pirates who may or may not be all they’re cracked up to be, and a group of mysterious radicals who may be worse than the problem they seek to solve.

    And there is one other surprise that will only be revealed toward the end of Season One, but for that, you’re going to have to wait for things to be revealed. All in good time…

    Sorry for the overly-verbose answer, but that’s me. Any other questions? šŸ˜€

  4. Thanks for the description. Sounds cool!

  5. Aaaaand, a bit over a year later, I have to reply that I finally was forced to bow to reality and admit that producing Moon Town as a 3D animated film by myself in my spare time, at the quality bar I was after, was more than I could handle.

    But at the same time, I am happy to announce that the project has gone forward as a webcomic/graphic novel, and Episode One is online even as I write this! Stop by and check it out…

    Hope to see you all there…

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