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POLL RESULTS: The Summer 2008 Film We Want to See Most

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of these 2008 summer movies are you most likely to see?


(118 total votes)

Indy whips up a clear win! Now the real question: Is it sci-fi? 🙂

Several comments this week…

“I don’t *do* cinema these days. It’s full of antisocial gits who are either chatting to each other or stuffing their fat faces with as much stinky ‘food’ as they can. However, I will probably pick up at least half of this list when they come out on DVD, and I can watch them properly.” – Paul Harper

“I am hopeful that Indy will not be the mess that the Phantom Menace is…but I recognize the possibility that it will be. Interestingly enough, I may manage to miss it because I am going on a 2 week camping trip beginning that weekend.” – Jvstin

“Why can’t I vote for more than one? IJ4 is a must, but I’m also planning on Iron Man, Hellboy, The Dark Knight and Wall-E.” – Rich Gombert

“I’ll have to wait until they come out at the dollar theater in November.” – Jim Shannon

“All of them, via netflix.” – Keith

“Not an easy poll. All but two are on my must see list. The two that aren’t are on my likely to see list.” – Douglass Abramson

“Definately Indy. Next most likely is the X-Files movie. I am deeply ambivilant about it though. Despite being a huge X Phile, I did not watch the last couple of seasons of the X-Files TV series, and I wonder about the point of a movie so long after the TV series whimpering exit.” – SF Fangirl

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