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SF Tidbits for 5/23/08

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8 Comments on SF Tidbits for 5/23/08

  1. “Does anyone have any thoughts on these Herbert/Anderson volumes?”

    Does “cookie-cutter cash-in crap” count as a thought?

  2. Splicer // May 23, 2008 at 5:10 am //

    I’m sure there are fans of this extruded Dune product the way there are fans of endless Star Wars and Star Trek novels. At least with the Trek franchise, the holders of the rights don’t allow the authors to completely disregard the concept of continuity the way that Messrs. Herbert and Anderson have done. I read the first two sequels and skimmed the third just to see what happens. I have no plans to any of the other installments.

  3. The first prequel trilogy was banal, but passable. But The Butlerian Jihad was so bad I almost shit myself.

  4. The “new Dune” (Brian’s stuff) was second-rate at best, and the Butlerian Jihad was third-rate. He should quit while he’s behind.

    Although, in his defense, in his father’s writings, the farther he got away from the first Dune, the less interesting the stories were.

  5. Rich Gombert // May 23, 2008 at 10:31 am //

    I have to agree the first sequel trilogy was not that bad. The second was horrendous.

    I don’t think the authors proof read the final constructions of the books. I know Mr. Anderson records his work and has someone transcribe it. Reading them it looked like some one just assembled bits here and there. We had events happening in this chapter. Not having had happened two chapters later, and the happening again a few more chapters one. And I got tired of being told the same thing over and over again. I’m reading the book, I remember what’s going one.

    I have not read “Hunters” or “Sanworms” yet, I probably will, and I probably will read these at some point (not high on my list). I have no plans to buy them though (I’ll save my money and spend them on good books!).

  6. The first trilogy started okay and had its high points, but they were already into major continuity violations before the first book was over. Probably the best part of that series was finding out exactly how the Baron ends up with custody of Feyd-Rautha. This was not good enough to make up for the rest of the series.

    I couldn’t even get half-way through the first book in the Butlerian Jihad trilogy. I literally threw it across the room on page 32.

    It took me several re-reads of the original Frank Herbert novels, but by the time I got through my fourth reading of Heretics and Chapterhouse, I was beginning to suspect that I knew where Frank had been heading with everything. I picked up Sandworms just to see if my guesses were correct, since Hunters and Sandworms were allegedly based on a lucky find of Frank’s outline and notes for his seventh Dune book.

    I’m happy to say, that if you pay attention to Frank’s works, you can see where he’s going; Sandworms went where I thought it would, albeit far more crudely and clumsily than Frank ever would have done.

    It’s a pity that Kevin and Brian took 8 books to tell a fraction of the story Frank could have done in one.

  7. I read, I think, two of the books set after the Dune series by KJA and BH. The ones set in the far future of the Dune series after the Leto-worm has died (his name was Leto, right?). They weren’t bad. They weren’t great either. Just average SF books that happen to be about somewhat familiar characters in an already established universe.

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