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SF Tidbits for 5/9/08

  • Apex shows off the really nice artwork for the latest issue.
  • Interzone posts their 2007 Readers’ Poll Results. (Winning story: “Ack-Ack Macaque” by Gareth Lyn Powell.)
  • Geoff Ryman’s recent BBC Radio appearance is available as MP3s. [via Big Dumb Object]
  • Post-Weird Thoughts interviews Ian McDonald. On Brasyl: “I’d been wanting to do something that expressed, in human terms, the reality of the Everett Many-Worlds interpretation, and, as I said above, Brasil seemed the country that best expressed it.”
  • J.M. McDermott interviews sf author Mary Robinette Kowal about her puppeteering.
  • MSSV has a great summary of a recent talk by Neal Stephenson at a symposium on Science Fiction as a Literary Genre at Gresham College.
  • Wil Wheaton speaks out about the upcoming Star Trek film: “…if this ‘reinventing’ — which is such a loaded term in this post-Episode One world (5-19-99 never forget!) — extends to some of the fundamentals of the Star Trek mythos, and if [J.J. Abrams] wants to make Star Trek more like Star Wars, we could be looking at the biggest geekriot in history.
  • John Scalzi is now blogging at AMC. Here’s his first article, Is Guillermo del Toro the Right Man for The Hobbit?
  • Wired has the scoop on the anime Batman.
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  1. Thank You so much for the link about Gotham Knight! It looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it.

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