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Tube Bits For 05/12/2008

  • TV viewership is down, way down in some cases. We can surmise that the writer’s strike chased some people off for good, even from their favorite shows. The Writer’s Write blog conjectures that, even though people may not know their shows are back on (really?), they’ll be back in the fall when the new season starts. Probably so.
  • I know that William Shatner has a lot of detractors. But this article at The Daily Mail, it seems like excerpts from Shatner’s autobiography Up Till Now, does a lot to humanize Shatner. There are some amusing anecdotes about the early Star Trek years, Kirk’s death scene, and a poignent remembrance of his third wife, Nerine, whom he found dead in their pool one evening. If the rest of the book is like these pieces, I may have to check it out.
  • Plenty of Nothing tells us why Battlestar Galactica is good TV and LOST is not. If the roles were reversed, then I could agree. You can’t compare the storytelling aspects of both shows against each other. They are apples and oranges. Galactica is telling a linear, and sometimes plodding, story, while LOST is experiementing with a mosaic style of story, and since the announced end date, you can’t accuse LOST of being plodding.
  • Kristin at E! Online interviewed Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff about the latest episode “Cabin Fever”. If you haven’t seen the episode, spoilers ahoy. Otherwise, read on and enjoy the answers to some of the questions raised.
  • Not really TV, but still funny. What if Nintendo had made Halo? It might look like this:
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  1. It’s sad but I still haven’t watched one episode of this season of BSG. Usually I wait for a bunch of episodes to accumulate, but so far what I’ve been hearing hasn’t made me rush to catch up.

    I guess that now I know this is the final season, I’m tempted to wait until it is all done and then watch it.

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