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Tube Bits for 05/16/2008

  • The LA Times has an interview with fanboy favorite Joss Whedon. He talks about the inspiration for Dollhouse and how pizza with Gouda can change your life.
  • Fox, which will be airing Dollhouse mid-next season, will be moving The Sarah Connor Chronicles to Mondays at 8pm ET. That’s early for network television, thus speculation is they may have to tone down the violence in the show, which means less Summer Glau @$$ kicking and less appeal. J.J. Abrams’ Fringe gets a sweet spot, Tuesday’s at 9pm, right after powerhouse, uh, House.
  • The Stargate Worlds MMO will be adopting a TV show development model for content releases after the initial launch. Basically, each release, think episode, will be given a certain amoung of time to be written/coded/tested, then released on specific schedules. By going with smaller content releases, they hope to keep their audience engaged and ensure a long life for the game. Despite not watching the shows, I’m interested in this game. Now to get into the closed beta…
  • In case anyone is still watching (I do), here is the trailer for tonight’s episode of Battlestar Galactica:

    How is Saul going to explain that?
  • It’s amazing what you can find on the inter/you-tubes. For instance, genre fans must have been very happy on Friday nights in the summer of….1966:
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  1. Ah, Friday nights in 1966.

    Thank YOU for that delightful trip down memory lane.

    I lived in Sioux Falls, SD at the time. Back in those days, we didn’t have a local ABC station. We had CBS, NBC and a PBS station…and I think that was it.

    However, the local CBS station did air some of the ABC programming after their prime time and late night news was over, so we did get to see some of the ABC shows — if you could stay up that late.

    But I do fondly remember watching all of those series included in the video clip, especially The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Wild, Wild West. (One of my favorite tv episodes of all time is “The Night of the Man-Eating House,” with Hurd Hatfield. Awesome episode.)

    And of course, Star Trek would premiere that year on Thursdays, on Sept. 8 1966.

    Yup. The good old days. Even though kids did have to walk to school uphill (both ways) in the snow, and the remote control was the person closest to the TV set. Oh, yeah, and color TV sets had just become “affordable.”

    And I remember this HUGE tornado that came through the town, and lifted up our house, and then dropped us down on some witch…oh, wait, that wasn’t us.


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