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Tube Bits for 05/17/2008

It’s a sci-fi on Fox fest today, so get ready!

  • Fox seems to be the place this next season for science fiction on TV. To that end, Fox is trying something called “Remote-Free TV” for both Dollhouse and Fringe. Apparently this means that “both air with fewer commercials and fewer promotional spots for other Fox shows.” Well that certainly is good news as it should mean more time for each episode. And the less in-house promotion of Fox shows the better as far as I’m concerned.
  • SF Universe has a bit more information about Fox’s new SF series, Fringe and Dollhouse.
  • IO9 has the trailer for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse posted for your perusal. Looks like the patented butt-kicking babe character Whedon is famous for. I’m sure some people will be unhappy with Dusku’s character.
  • Remember CBS’ vampire show Moonlight? Yeah, most people don’t which is why it was canned. However, the CW is in such desperate straights for programming that they might take on chance on reviving Moonlight for their ‘network’. Nothing says desperation more than reviving another networks canceled show. Then again, it would probably become the top-rated show on the CW, what with Smallville having problems.
  • lists TV’s best season finales. Several genre shows make the cut and remember, this is season finales, not series finales.
  • Here’s the trailer for ABC’s re-make of Life on Mars. Man, they’re playing up the cheesy aspects here, which is very disappointing as the original is tough and gritty, and not cheesy at all and thus, looks to be better than this.

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  1. Nothing says desperation more than reviving another networks canceled show.

    Hmm. ABC is picking up “Scrubs,” which was just canceled by NBC. And UPN revived “Buffy” for its last two years. Whatever you want to say about the quality of those last two seasons, I don’t think you could call UPN’s pick-up a desperate act. Pick-ups by other networks after a cancellation are rare, but they do sometimes happen — and sometimes succeed.

    I didn’t much care for the single episode of “Moonlight” I watched, but clearly it has its fans.

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