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Tube Bits for 05/21/2008

  • Everyone’s (ok, mine and a few others) favorite Nerd Herd-er, Chuck Bartowksi, is getting his very own comic book. The comic will be 6 issues long and will be comprised of a story seperate from the TV series. The comic, which is being published by the DC Comics imprint WildStorm (who released the sadly cancelled too early comic Steampunk), will be released on June 11.
  • The Star Trek and Media Science Fiction blog has a nice rundow of the fall network SF schedule.
  • Axiom’s Edge takes a look at the off network SF and Fantasy offerings for the upcoming cable season.
  • Sclerotic Ring goes off on a rant against the Sci Fi Channel and the NY Times article where Sci Fi basically says SF isn’t where the money is. If SF disappears from Sci Fi, where do we go then for good, televised SF?
  • Sy Fy Portal lists the most unjustly cancelled series this decade. And yes, Firefly tops the list.
  • Will Sci Fi give the new Ronald Moore show, Caprica, a chance? Probably not. I wouldn’t think there’s any money in televised SF…
  • Daemon’s TV has a first look at the Jerry Bruckheimer series Eleventh Hour. See snippet of the show below:
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  1. I mostly agree with Portal’s list, although I might juggle the order a bit.

    I would personally also add Odyssey 5 to the list. Some of the science was questionable but they played with a lot of great contemporary SF concepts in literature that simply aren’t seen much on screen. And heck it was fun.

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