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Tube Bits for 05/26/2008

  • Advertising Age wonders whether the new season’s ‘copycats’ of LOST will be able to find success. Among those listed are the genre shows Life on Mars (which I am not optimistic about the direction it seems to be going in) and Fringe (which I’m a bit more optimistic about). There’s also a rather interesting show called Harper’s Island, where one member of the cast is violently offed each week, a twist we can only hope will make it to Survivor. AA cautions that several new shows from last season tried overarching story lines to no success: Vanished, Kidnapped, The Nine, Jericho. To that list, I’d add Drive and Journeyman. Sure, TV is a hit driven business, so instead of trying to copy cat, why not invent?
  • Joss Whedon dishes out some more info about his new show, Dollhouse. I sort of like the identity aspect of the show. And it’s Whedon, and SF, so I’ll be watching.
  • All of us here are well aware of Fox’s track record with science fiction shows. So is it any wonder there is a petition afoot to save Dollhouse before it has even aired? If you’d like to join, mosey on over to their forums.
  • The Star Trek and Media Science Fiction site has more details about Ron Moore’s upcoming Virtuality project. Err, can you say ‘soap in space’ opera?
  • Film School Rejects wonders why Galactica‘s ratings are on the uptick. I have no idea, really. This season has been hit and miss, with some threads being interesting, and some not. I think it’s a good thing the show will end this ‘season’, if this ‘season’ means next year. Thank you Sci Fi Channel. Stellar as usual.
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4 Comments on Tube Bits for 05/26/2008

  1. General X // May 26, 2008 at 1:47 am //

    I really don’t know what SciFi has to do to piss me off more.

  2. I watched the BBC version of “Life on Mars” (it was excellent), and at it’s heart it seemed a homage to 70s cop shows rather than the bizarre and complicated fantasy world of “Lost”. It was left ambiguous whether Sam Tyler really traveled back in time to 1973, or whether he was just dreaming while in a coma. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if ABC messed it up completely.

    (And I’m really hoping that BSG ratings stay up, because otherwise SciFi will probably fill it’s entire prime time line up with ghost hunting, psychic crystal skulls and wrestling.)

  3. I still have not mustered the interest to watch any of this season’s BSG. I really do need to catch up.

    Other than Stargate: Atlantis I have completely written off the Sci Fi channel. They have become such an empty shell of whatever potential they once had.

    I remember thinking when they started – at last we have a channel. How far they have drifted.

  4. Outside of SGA Enterprise was one of the better shows they had this decade anyway.:D

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