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Tube Bits for 05/29/2008

  • At right is the new teaser poster (and a more appropriate name than teaser I can’t imagine) for the upcoming (2009) movie, Witchblade. Based on the Top Cow comic of the same name, let’s hope it’s better than the TNT series also based on the comic which starred Yancy Butler. All I can say is the character in the poster is no Yancy Butler.
  • The Star Trek and Media Science Fiction blog takes the recent news about the Sci Fi Channel broadening it’s programming to ask: Is Sci-Fi just a brand which doesn’t have the same meaning as “science fiction,” or should NBC change Sci-Fi’s name to more accurately represent its broader programming? Clearly, science fiction on Sci Fi is an endangered species, but almost everyone knows the Sci Fi Channel name, even if they don’t watch it. But yes, it’s more of a brand name right now.
  • Matthew Fox claims he is the only LOST actor who knows how the series ends. How will we know he’s telling the truth? After it ends he can just say, “Yeah, that’s what I knew was going to happen.” Bastard.
  • Bolt City liked the new Speed Racer movie, including the part many critics hated: the story. He’s basically saying that what the Wachowskis did for visual storytelling in The Matrix, they did for ‘flashback’ storytelling in Speed and using anime storytelling techniques to illustrate why many critics, and the public, didn’t ‘get’ the way the movie was told. I haven’t seen it yet, but I would agree that, if it follows the conventions of anime storytelling (and Speed Racer the TV show is anime), then it will be told, and shot, in a manner most people aren’t used to. I still have to go see this, although my oldest has already told me he wants the DVD when it comes out.
  • On June 5th, NBC is premiering it’s new Thursday night movie of the week series, Fear Itself. Basically, several horror film directors are taking turns making ‘episodes’ for a movie anthology series. See the trailer below:
  • To celebrate the season finale of LOST (remember kids, tonight at 9/8 CT. I fully expect minds to be blown.), the Fine Bros present their LOST parody season finale, starring the man with the hat. I think this is the best one yet…
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  1. WTF is it with those Fine Bros. a$$hats. They keep spamming me with their frakking e-mails about parodies of things I have absolutely no frakking interest in. I never opted in and they don’t have a way of opting out and have ignored my repeated requests to be removed from their frakking mailing list.

    (Gee, can you tell that I’m annoyed with them? :O )

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