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ApolloCon 2008

This year’s ApolloCon, Houston’s science fiction, fantasy and horror conference, happens June 27 through June 29.

This year’s guests of honor include Allen Steele (the Coyote series, Spindrift, Galaxy Blues), Lou Anders (Sideways in Crime, Fast Forward 2) and artist Brad Foster. Other guests include Jayme Blaschke, Steven Brust, Scott Cupp, Bradley Denton, Marianne Dyson, Alexis Glynn Latner, A. Lee Martinez, J.M. McDermott, Maureen McHugh, John Moore, Lawrence Person, John Picacio, Chris Roberson, and Martha Wells among others.

I’ll be there. Last year’s ApolloCon was, believe it or not, my first con ever. It was fun. There was lots of good programming to attend. This year looks good, too.

Are any of our local reader’s going?

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3 Comments on ApolloCon 2008

  1. John, we can share some quality time again, and I promised Lou Anders quality tequila (read: Patron)…you should imbibe with us! Place and time to be determined.


  2. I’m going to be there

  3. See you guys there!

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