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Extreme Lego

In the past the lego-lovers here at SFSignal have shared with you information on exciting Legos such as the Mars Rover model (still excellent), the Indiana Jones collection, and the variously large sets devoted to Star Wars (such as the Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyer, and Death Star.)

But I feel shamed, because I clearly dropped the ball on what can only be called extreme Lego building. Take a look below at some of the massive Lego projects people have completed.

First up is the latest Star Wars theme from Lego itself. What exactly is your $500 Falcon model supposed to attack? A new $400 Death Star, of course! The set includes 25 figures including all the favorites plus 6 new figures seen here for the first time, a trash compactor monster, and locations of the major scenes from the movies including the imperial throne room and detention block. The final assembly is 16″ in diameter and certainly would take over most dining rooms.

There are also regular guys like you and me who decide to do something amazing with Legos. Well, they are like me except they have amazing artistic and sculptural talent with Legos. A guy by the name of Andrew Lipson does lego renderings of Escher drawings. These have to be seen to be believed. And there’s Henry Lim who does lots of interesting things with Legos, including this Stegosaurus. The replica dinosaur is almost 6 feet tall and uses tens of thousands of bricks. Did you know you could special order 2400 green bricks from Lego? Apparently you can…

Next we have an amazing model of the Kenndy Space Center, including a Space Shuttle on the launch pad. Using a mind-blowing 750,000 bricks, the shuttle is over 6 feet tall and the Saturn 1B is 9 foot tall. Follow the link to Gizmodo to see what this massive complex looks like.


And finally, there is the complete replica of Munich’s Allianz Arena done in Lego. It lights up just like the full-size version and contains 30,000 lego people. Awesome, even if it only has 400,000 bricks. Oh, the bricks were specially made by Lego just for the project so the LED lights can shine through. Nice!

And then there is this large-scale project that can only be gawked at. It has 3 million bricks. It’s taken hundreds of volunteers year to build. It’s sponsered by Segway-inventor and millionare Dean Kamen. It can only be the Manchester Mill Yard project! Huh? OK, that might not be as exciting to us as Space Shuttles or Death Stars, but this replica of what the town used to look like in the early 20th century is extensive. It was designed to help keep the memory alive in a way that would interest everybody.

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  1. Wow! Those are incredible. It takes me two hours to build a 100 piece car set for my son. I can’t imagine even trying these.

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