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Saturday Cinema: Roadents and Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

[Update: Now with added YouTube linkage for non-US readers.]

CSpot is a small production comedy that produces several series of short, comedy shows. Now, normally, these series have nothing to do with science fiction, and I only watch two of them, Roadents (about two Winnebago traveling guinea pigs) and Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show (a totally random acts of weirdness parody of a Japanese talk show). Recently, both of these shows displayed some SF love.

First up, Roadents on alien abduction:

YouTube linky.

Michael Biehn? Classic.

And now Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. You’ll either love it or hate it. Even with this episode’s special guest, Wil Wheaton. No other SF related things here, except Wil. Enjoy.

YouTube linky.

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5 Comments on Saturday Cinema: Roadents and Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

  1. How can ANYONE not love GTCMS?

    Talk to the hot dog, it can read your mind…

  2. You’re aware that Hulu only works in the US, right? Those of us from outside of your borders are SOL with posts like these.


  3. Both videos are available on YouTube as well. I am sure you could find them with a quick search…

  4. “Those of us from outside of your borders…”

    Wait, there’s more outside of the US?

    Who knew!

    I used the Hulu videos because they are superior to the YouTube videos. I had forgotten it doesn’t work for the rest of the world. Luckily, American cultural imperialism will soon take over your country, so Hulu should be working in just a matter of a few days or weeks!

    Welcome to the collective, you’ll fit right in.


  5. I figured YouTube would have it. I was just publicly expressing my laziness. And gee, American Cultural Imperialism taking over Canada? I’ll never live to see the day.


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