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SF Tidbits for 6/18/08

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  1. Luke Shea // June 18, 2008 at 6:35 am //

    I’m with you guys on the Blade Runner issue. It is what I consider an interesting failure. Generally, this is a better thing than being a boring success, like, for example, any of the top grossing sports movies and romantic comedies made in the last fifty years. They work, but they work predictably and you don’t GET anything from them. They’re like emotion porn. All rush, no substance.

    Blade Runner has some substance, maybe even a lot, but it’s so buried in dullness it’s tough to dig it out. I’m so glad there are others in this world who feel this way! I’m a film student, and defending my position on the Blade Runner issue gets to be a hell of a chore some days. I had a teacher yell at a kid in class for not appreciating Blade Runner.

    Looking at the comments on your review is pretty funny. I like the last guy, who strangely assumes you mean Noir = Boring, and goes on to say that, well, if you think this movie is bad then you probably hate Casablanca too, you big, stupid jerk!! The part he seems to be missing is that Casablanca *isn’t boring*. It’s like, the most enjoyable, quotable film ever made! It’s practically an interactive experience! I mean, who hasn’t spoken along with Ol’ Humphrey in that last scene at least once?

    I can’t say I’m 100% with him on Jurassic Park. I can sort of see what he’s saying, but…I had the advantage of seeing JP at around age 12, so it’s glossed over with this rosy glow of nostalgia and childlike wonder for me. I am not the best judge.

  2. Gods of Mars (and many other ERB titles) have been available online for a while. This might be a new version, with corrected text. In any case, it is nice to get the multiple formats.

  3. If you give credit, you’re not stealing, you’re sampling! And I had way more than two links on that post the other day…

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