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SF Tidbits for 6/19/08

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7 Comments on SF Tidbits for 6/19/08

  1. Um, the link to On Spec is for their blog, which they shut down, I think. Try Also, the cover and the authors you’re listing are for the Winter 2005 issue (I knew this in advance because I was still AD, and I got Kazu to do that great cover. See here: The news issue’s contents and cover art and artist are on the main site.


  2. D’oh! I saw this come up on a newsfeed and assumed newness. My fault. I’ve updated the text above. Thanks, Derryl!

  3. The Impact Calculator is tres cool, but that map at the end: what is that? It sorta looks like England, with Scotland, Wales, and even Cornwall lopped off, but if that’s true, then where are London, Birmingham, Newcastle, etc. etc.?

  4. >> then where are London, Birmingham, Newcastle, etc.

    They’ve been decimated by the impact. (H)

  5. “With Airship and Submarine”…

    “Site is down for repairs.”

    Oh, my, I hope it ain’t for long and that really is the case. I recall Blackmask having that message during litigation!


  6. Tom Marcinko // June 19, 2008 at 6:03 pm //

    Fired this off to ChrisW, keeper of the naval SF list. Might as well inflict it on others…

    I saw your naval SF list on SF signal — interesting, with some books to look for.

    May I now recommend Walter Jon Williams’ DREAD EMPIRE FALLS trilogy: The Praxis, The Sundering, and Conventions of War.

    Very much influenced by Patrick O’Brian, I would guess. I’m an O’Brian fan too, and I loved these.

    I also liked that if you grant the existence of wormholes and aliens, the author relies on few other fantastic assumptions. On long long trips between wormholes, for example, his crew has to deal with several g’s of acceleration.

    Can’t recommend them often enough, which is why I’m grabbing a stranger by the lapel…

  7. >> >> then where are London, Birmingham, Newcastle, etc.

    >> They’ve been decimated by the impact.

    And to think I’ve planned an English vacation this summer. This is going to be deucedly awkward.

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