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Site Upgrade

SF Signal has been upgraded to Movable Type 4.  Yay us! 

The new GUI (which you don’t see – neener, neener, neener) is much more

slick-looking.  I’ve used it before over

at SciFi Scanner, and it’s much nicer. 

You won’t see any difference in the pages, until I get my butt in gear

to do the ever-impending redesign, which is coming soon.

This MT upgrade would not have been done without the incredibly


help of David Raynes.  Thanks, David!  Whatever your boss is paying you, it’s not

enough.  As my co-bloggers can attest,

you should get hazard pay for having to deal with the likes of me.  πŸ™‚

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  1. Looking forward to the redesign!

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