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TOC: Jim Baen’s Universe Volume 3, Number 1, June 2008

Here’s the Table of Contents of the latest issue of Jim Baen’s Universe (Volume 3, Number 1, June 2008):

  • Science Fiction Stories
    • “Last Plane to Heaven” by Jay Lake
    • “Why There Are No Type-C Civilizations” by Marvin Minsky and David Gerrold
    • “Quasi” by M. Alan Ford
    • “Ted” by Tom Van Natta
    • “Making Alex Frey” by Marissa Lingen
    • “Maker of Worlds” by Norman Spinrad
    • “One Small Step” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Fantasy Stories
    • “Madame Pompadour’s Blade” by Tom Purdom
    • “Bella of Ghostsea is Dead” by A. S. Fox
    • “A Thread of Silk” by Eugie Foster
  • Classic: “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
  • Serials
    • “Countdown to Armageddon, Episode Five” by Edward M. Lerner
    • “Fish Story, Episode Thirteen” by Eric Flint, Andrew Dennis and Dave Freer
  • Introducing Stories
    • “Cacophony of the Spheres” by Jeff Haas
    • “Spamdemonium” by John Parke Davis
  • Nonfiction
    • Cosmic Electricity by James P. Hogan
    • The Coming Popularity and Power of Luddism by Stephen Euin Cobb
  • Columns
    • Remembering Giants by Mike Resnick
    • The Nature of Transitions by Eric Flint
    • Scattershot Again by Barry N. Malzberg
    • What’s New In The Future And You, June 2008 by Stephen Euin Cobb
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