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Tube Bits for 06/02/2008

  • With the season finale of LOST behind us (not as good as last season’s, but still entertaining), there is a wealth of post-finale bloggage (SPOILERS!):
    • First up, Harrold Perrineau, who plays Michael, is very upset with the way his character was brought back only to be summarily whacked in the boat explosion. He also say several more inflammatory things.
    • Entertainment Weekly gives the best 15 moments of LOST. All good ones, definitely, and I have to agree with their #1 and I think that episode, “The Constant”, is the best one so far of LOST.
    • Over at The Tail Section, Don is revelling in the fact that LOST has finally shown off it’s science fiction roots. With this season, it became very apparent that the story is science fiction, what with time travel (people or bunnies, take your pick), wormholes, negative energy and such, you can’t get much more SF unless you added a spaceship captained by a cute kid with a comic relief robot companion.
  • The List Universe supplies us with the top 9 ongoing cult TV shows. Ongoing being an interesting term as not all the shows listed are still airing. Maybe they mean the cult surrouding the show is still going, which pretty much means any show is fair game. And some of the shows are, in my opinion, too popular to be considered ‘cult’. Sure, there are die-hard, fanatical fans, but some have broken out into the mainstream.
  • Speaking of shows that outgrew cult status and went mainstream, The LA Times, posted on The Journal Gazzette, has an interview with David Duchovney about the upcoming X-Files movie.
  • Variety has a nice article about Bear McCreary and his creation of the music for Battlestar Galactica. He also does the music for The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Eureka.
  • And now for a little music for you. The 1980’s theme music for Dr. Who (not the actual video intro, just the music). Can I say I’ve never been a fan of this theme without being raked over the coals?:
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