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Tube Bits For 06/03/2008

  • Darth Mojo has a very interesting post detailing the building of the interior of Babylon 5. The secret? It was a model, not CGI. He even has never seen before pictures of the construction!
  • Staying with B5, Sci Fi Scanner has a short interview with the man himself, J. Michael Stracynski. Find out about comic book adaptations, and a possible Lensmen trilogy of movies.
  • If anyone is interested, Blogs Are For Wusses has several pics of the ladies of Battlestar Galactica is sorta bikini from an unnamed photo shoot.
  • And Wired has posted the extended interview with Ron Moore they originally posted in shortened form on 5/19. Way long, but interesting.
  • And if any of you were watching Galactica last Friday night, you may have been surprised to see, as I was, a commercial for EVE Online, the Sci Fi MMO from Crowd Control Productions. You’d think this would be right up my alley. Sadly, the learning curve is very steep, it isn’t newb friendly and the time required is extensive. It looks damn good though.
  • Continuing their quest to try new things, Sci Fi is creating a hybrid TV show/MMO thingy. The hope is to have players affect, or even direct, the TV show itself. Good luck with that, it’s hard enough to get timely patches out and now you want the game to affect the TV show with the changes reflected in game? Right.
  • Speaking of odd, Sci Fi has also released into the wild their new gaming blog, Fidgit. Apparently because nothing says SF like Wii Fit.
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  1. Thanks for the traffic generating link. I’ve added (as a token of gratitude) your website’s link to my linkage list on “Blogs are for Wusses”.

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