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Tube Bits for 06/14/2008

  • In the wake of last night’s mid-season finale (to start again next year, thanks Sci Fi), we have several Galactica bits for you:
    • Fans of the show may be happy to hear that Galactica will most likely expand next year with a new telemovie and two more episodes. Of course, those episodes aren’t going to be ‘new’, as they will result from breaking up the three-hour season finale into three seperate episodes.
    • Earlier this week, Sci Fi held a showing of the mid-season finale on the big screen in Hollywood. MovieWeb was there and had the chance to interview Katee Sackhoff, Tricia Helfer, Mary McDonnell and Ron Moore.
    • Jane Espenson, writer, talks about her episode, “Hub”, and hints broadly at the things that happened last night.
  • Rotten Tomatoes lists their 50 best TV adaptations of all time. The TV shows you’d expect are here, Trek, Firefly, but als some you might not: Batman (the Adam West version) and Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • Everybody’s favorite companion for the good Doctor, Billie Piper, is set to star in Showtime’s new series, Secret Diaries of a Call Girl, where she’ll be playing a high-class hooker.
  • Those of you with Xbox 360’s will be able to download the pilot episode of ABC Family Channel’s new show, The Middleman, for free. You can’t beat free. The show itself debuts this Monday night.
  • Digital Spy talks with Naveen Andrews about the recently wrapped season 4 of LOST. So long until the next season….
  • M. Night Shyamalan talks about his new live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. This movie appeals to me much more the his current movie, The Happening.
  • Seems we have quite a bit of Fringe stories as well:
    • The Fox show, Fringe, will be getting it’s own prequel comic adaptation, to debut August 27th.
    • Executive producer Jeff Pinkner says Fringe is not another X-Files. We’ll see Jeff, we’ll see.
    • Here’s J.J. Abrams himself, talking about the new show, which premiers Sept. 9th, 8pm ET:
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2 Comments on Tube Bits for 06/14/2008

  1. DeadParrot // June 14, 2008 at 2:23 am //

    You can also get the first episode of Middle Man free on iTunes.

  2. I saw a preview for “The Happening” and thought it looked flashy, full of familiar horror tropes and well, not full of promise. Has that wave come and gone for the director?

    And he’s doing Airbender? Sounds like a bad choice, seeing he is pretty much a one-trick pony. How will he be able to film something for kids and teens without his head exploding from trying to expand beyond one note?

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