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Tube Bits for 06/20/2007

  • Rumors have swirled around the ABC version of Life on Mars, as David E. Kelley was said to have left the show for unknown reasons. Now, it may be that he left to save Boston Legal and not because of creative differences. I still think, from the trailer I saw, they need to retool to the show to be less cheesy.
  • Buddy TV looks at the sci-fi roots of LOST. I’ve always contended that LOST was science fiction, and this years was proof positive of this belief. Now if only they would air the remaining 32 episodes, well, now.
  • I bet the suits at Fox just love this: the pilot for J.J. Abrams’ new show, Fringe, has leaked online. This means you can head on over to your favorite torrent site and be rest assured of finding at least one torrent of the show. Those of you who do obtain it can bask in the glow of seeing it a full three months before the regular joes see it.
  • The SF show, Charlie Jade, has been airing on the Sci-Fi Channel for a few weeks now, to poor ratings. So what do you do? Why, you reschedule the show for 3 am on Monday morning. Yes, 3am. Awesome.
  • Japanator reviews Tokyo Shock’s new film, Machine Girl. Think Kill Bill meets Grindhouse witha a Japanese aesthetic, but with a Troma look and feel. I know, sounds bad. Two words: Yakuza ninja. ‘Nuff said. Here’s the trailer: (WARNING! Anyone with a weak constitution or aversion to buckets, stream, rivers or lakes of blood (fake), do not watch!)
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4 Comments on Tube Bits for 06/20/2007

  1. Unless the suits at Fox are trying to create buzz by leaking it on purpose? Nah, they can’t be that savy.


  2. RE: Machine Girl

    That was sick. Bring it on! (H)

  3. Machine Girl looks good. Think I’ll keep it in mind for Halloween.

  4. Machine Girl was ok. It’s just set at one volume throughout: gory. There are some elements satirizing Japanese society, but not enough of it really.

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