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Tube Bits for 06/24/2008

  • Some crunchy Stargate tidbits this time:
    • What’s a Stargate aficionado to do to make their house more Stargate friendly? Build a Stargate home theater of course! Although I’m not sure a round screen is the best for watching TV.
    • With a home theater comes the opportunity to listen to music. Thanks to the fine peeps working on the Stargate Worlds MMO, you too can listen to a few sample tracks from the game.
    • And finally, with a big screen like that, you’ll want to watch the Stargate Continuum trailer over and over:
  • 2 Guys Talking has a nice, humorous interview with actor Terry O’Quinn, who plays John Locke on LOST.
  • has a cool interview with Michael Giacchino and Bear McCreary about their work on the soundtracks for LOST and Galactica, respectively. I have to say that I find the music on LOST to be stellar. Galactica doesn’t seem to stick with me as much.
  • I’m sure you remember the ‘Yip Yip’ monsters from Sesame Street. You know the ones who could only say ‘yip yip yip’ or ‘nope nope nope’. Well, now you can make your very ‘Yip Yip’ costume! Awesome!
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  1. Sweet. I love the Yip Yips! This is going on my Halloween costume list.

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