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At The Trailer Park: Knowing, Mutant Chronicles, Dark Knight, The Day the Earth Stood Still

Nick Cage’s latest SF-ish movies have been awful (Next, Ghost Rider), but he’s redeemed himself somewhat with the popcorn National Treasure flicks. His latest movie is Knowing, which has a National Treasure/SF-ish vibe. Could be good, unless his character just happens to be at all the disasters that happen in the future…

And now for a tale of two trailers for Mutant Chronicles. One American:

And one Russian:

This movie went from ‘unknown’ to ‘must see’ for me.

The Dark Knight debuts in two weeks, are you ready? Here’s one of the several billion TV spots:

Could this be better than the previous movie? Could it be better even than Iron Man? It sure looks good.

And finally, here’s a trailer for the Keanu Reeve’s vehicle, The Day the Earth Stood Still:

What’s that you say? That’s not a trailer, it’s a still from the movie! May I remind you, this is Keanu Reeves. The man who brings a new meaning to ‘wooden acting’. So I ask you, how can you tell?

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6 Comments on At The Trailer Park: Knowing, Mutant Chronicles, Dark Knight, The Day the Earth Stood Still

  1. At least when the spaceship lands, he’ll be able to go “Whoa.” at it.

    (honestly, why does that man have a career?)

    I’m looking forward to the Nicholas Cage thing. “Ghost Rider” was goofy fun (it was awful, but as long as you didn’t expect anything from it) and the National Treasure films have been enjoyable so far.

    And “The Dark Knight” of course. I don’t even need to say I’m looking forward to that. (Although I hope the film quality itself isn’t overshadowed by the ZOMG HEATH LEDGER WUZ A LEGEND crowd.)

  2. House 6 // July 7, 2008 at 9:39 am //

    he he he…. That looks like fun!

  3. Wha…? No trailer for The Day the Earth Stood Still? False advertising! :-@

  4. A trailer FOR “The Day the Earth Stood Still” would be false advertising all by itself. Since it would try to pump it up as exciting, trying to make us forget Keanue Reeves. Then we’d all go to the theater and go “Dammit!”

  5. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” is one of my favorite SF films, period. And I like it mainly for what it said about 1951 America. I hated reading that they were going to remake it (Why?!) but I’ll give it at least the benefit of the doubt b/c of what they *could* do with it to show America circa 2008. But Keanu?

  6. I’ve added the trailer above for those who may be interested.

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