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Books Received July 28, 2008

Here are the books we received this past week.


Thoughts on some these titles after the jump…

  • I’ve read Westerfeld’s The Risen Empire and highly recommend it and its sequel The Killing of Worlds (which will also be reprinted soon).
  • City at the End of Time and The Last Theorem are the official copies of the advanced reader copies (ARCs) we received a few weeks ago.
  • I really like the cover for Star Wars: The Clone Wars despite it looking like one of those DK visual reference books.
  • The folks at Black Library were kind enough to send us a whole new batch of books, which just serves to remind me how much folks say I should be reading the Warhammer 40K books.
  • Solaris coughed up two titles this week that are very interesting to me: Necropath (I’ve liked Eric Brown’s past stuff) and Extraordinary Engines (steampunk anthology – what more is there to say?)
  • Iron Jaw and Hummingbird is Chris Roberson’s foray into young adult territory. It’s also set in his Celestial Empire setting and, if history is any indication, promises to be quite enjoyable.
  • Also looking interesting: Electric Velocipede #14, Psychological Methods To Sell Should Be Destroyed, and The Exquisite Corpuscle.
  • The ARC of Cross County comes the week Wizards of the Coast has canceled its Discoveries imprint.
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5 Comments on Books Received July 28, 2008

  1. Yes, it’s All Warhammer, All The Time!!!!
    As for Electric Velocipede #14, Psychological Methods To Sell Should Be Destroyed, and The Exquisite Corpuscle…
    Is Velocipede a book or a magazine? Can’t say I’ve ever seen it in the stores.
    Pschological: With a title and a cover like that, I’d probably avoid it.
    Corpuscle: Neither the title or the cover really convey anything to me. What is the theme of the collection?
    Of the books displayed, other than the Clarke/Pohl (automatic purchase), the ones I would be most likely to buy would be the “Extradordinary Engines” volume and the Eric Brown novel.
    Warhammer I’m trying to get into now, a bit, but I’m unlikely to buy much more until I get through the four volumes I picked up to sample. It’s a little hard to dip into something that has twenty years or so of development and backstory!

  2. Favorite cover: “Necropath.” Almost makes up for the title.
    Least favorite: “Last Theorem.” It says that the only important thing about the book is its authors–they might be writing about math, or sf, or psychology, or fluffy bunnies, but the important thing is that ARTHUR C. CLARKE and FREDERIK POHL wrote it.

  3. Fred,
    Electric Velocipede is a 100-page mag with a square binding.
    The Exquisite Corpuscle anthology is the literary equivalent of the telephone game. One author tells a story and passes it along to the next author, who continues the story. There are three threads like this and then Jay Lake writes a story to unify them together.
    You can follow the book links for more info…

  4. Favorite Covers: “Elfslayer” and “Necropath” pure pulp style action and a weird mantis shaped ship.
    Least favorite: “Psychological Methods To Sell Should Be Destroyed” too 1960s
    There certainly were a lot of Warhammer books this time. I’ll probably end up buying a couple of them eventually.

  5. Well, not so many to like this time…only Exquisite Engines has a cover I would pick up based on the cover alone. Of course I will buy Iron Jaw and Hummingbird because I am a Chris Roberson fan, but Viking should be horsewhipped for the cover. Uuuuuuuuugly. But nowhere near as ugly as the Black Library titles, which to a one are Gawdawful.

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