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Caption Challenge #7: San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Edition

Comic-Con is one of those events that in recent years has grown to be much more than simply for comic book collectors. All sorts of folks show up these days to learn about new movies and games, and I know that it would have been great to attend. Namely in that it really gives us a chance to see cosplayers. They fill that need to emulate the image of their favorite comic book hero or character from a movie/video game, and they also give us an opportunity to have a little fun. With that preface out of the way, I have found this image over on Sebdal’s Flickr page, and felt that nothing screamed “Caption Challenge” like this one. As with others, remember this is all in good fun so lets not get too nasty…

13 Comments on Caption Challenge #7: San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Edition

  1. What? Were you expecting little green men?

  2. Today on Maury: Who is the father? The Hulk or Zxpid of Zeta Psi 10. Find out after these messages!

  3. Everyone was having a great time until, “Mom, is that Captain Kirk coming this way?”

  4. When Orion slave girls go bad.

  5. No one had checked in on the Amish for a while…

  6. The illustration for “WTF?” in any dictionary the phrase is listed in.

  7. There was a cutting irony to the fact that yes, 72 virgins were waiting for Achmed, but these were the pretty ones.

  8. Errr… is that a little green brother or sister under there or are you trying to smuggle out the Tron fans again?

  9. Ulysses // July 31, 2008 at 7:05 am //

    Augh… Bad sushi… Bllegchh…

  10. Mom! I thought you said asparagus only made my pee smell funny! Now look at me!

  11. “Sorry, sir, but that’s all three wishes used up. I’ll be off. Quit crying.”

  12. “It isn’t easy being green…”

  13. Phyllis, Edna and Gertrude were positively green with envy when they saw what the Klingon girls were wearing.

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