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GIVEAWAY: The X-Files and Stargate: Atlantis DVDs Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that our X-Files and Atlantis DVD giveaway is still going strong! If you’re interested in winning one of the sets:

  1. Send an email to: contest [at] sfsignal [dot] com
  2. In the subject line put either “Xfiles” or “Stargate”, to let us know which set you’d like.
  3. Only one email per person, per set please. This means if you’d like a shot at both, you’ll have to send us two emails.
  4. Please include a snail mail address so the sets can be shipped out to you.
  5. Contest ends Midnight July 16th, that’s tomorrow night!
  6. Sit back and wait in breathless anticipation for your congratulatory email!

Times a wasting, so get to emailing!

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