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Phasma Ex Machina

The independent filmmakers of Phasma Ex Machina, currently in pre-production, are looking for feedback on the movie’s concept. Here’s info on the film:

The Title:

Pronounced Phasma Eks Mah-kuh-nuh, it’s latin for “Ghost from the Machine.”

About the movie:

An independent feature film to be shot in the Twin Cities in the fall of 2008.


An ambitious mystery, with strong elements of science fiction and the supernatural, Phasma Ex Machina follows the lives of two brothers and an electrical engineer trying to decipher a series of strange events. Everything changes when they discover that the distance between the living and the dead isn’t all that far.

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2 Comments on Phasma Ex Machina

  1. It appears that what you really want to know is how good is you’re elevator pitch, which is just a marketing tool and is ultimately meaningless when compared against the finished product; a motion picture.

    Now, if you want to know how good the film will be, that ultimately depends two things; How good is the script? And how well the finished product turns out. But if you have to ask how good is my idea; then you really have no business going into production unless you believe it’s great.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Hey Neal,

    Thanks for the feedback and we couldn’t agree more with your thoughts.

    I think you may have missed the link at the top of the post however. If you follow the “feedback” link it should bring you to a page on our site that asks a few questions. We’re 100% confident in our idea and will not be changing it at this point, but we’re trying to start a dialogue between us, the filmmakers, and you, the potential audience (fingers crossed). I truly feel that we could learn something from all of you before production begins. Does that help? Thanks again for the feedback.


    Writer/Director – Phasma Ex Machina

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