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Ray Bradbury Speaks at Writer’s Symposium

“Science fiction author Ray Bradbury regales his audience with stories about his life and love of writing in ‘Telling the Truth,’ the keynote address of The Sixth Annual Writer’s Symposium by the Sea, sponsored by Point Loma Nazarene University.”

[via Decoding the Future]

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2 Comments on Ray Bradbury Speaks at Writer’s Symposium

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, John. Bradbury is one of my mentors, though he doesn’t know it. His book, Zen and the Art of Writing is one of the most important books I’ve ever read. The things he speaks about on this video are very similar to what you’ll find in that book. If you’re a writer you have to watch this video.

  2. What a man. What a god. Still funny and intelligent and terrific after all these years. And I agree with most of what he said here. I absolutely think that you should start with short stories before novels (but then, I’m a natural short story writer. A pox on them folk who has the novel-writin’ gift straight off. But only because I wouldn’t mind having it too.)

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