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SF Tidbits for 7/17/08

  • John Scalzi says Ridley Scott Deserves an Oscar.
  • Interviews and profiles:
    • @The Nebula Awards website: Robin Wayne Bailey. “If you’ve got something to say and it’s worth saying, then you risk pissing someone off – a reader, an editor, a buyer, whoever. And if you don’t have anything to say, why are you writing?”
    • @Post-Weird Thoughts: China Miéville. “…in any debate over literary movements or moments half the battle is having a kewl name, and I thought New Weird was superb. …I also thought that it quite quickly reached the point where it ran the risk of becoming self-parody and/or merely a marketing term.”
    • @SF Site: Terry Brooks. “What sells a fantasy book is the conflict between the characters, the depth of the characters and the struggle that you put them up against.”
    • @SciFi Wire: Cory Doctorow (Little Brother) and Catherine Jinks (Genius Squad) are profiled.
    • @Boing Boing: A video interview with futurist and artist Syd Mead.
    • @The Future And You podcast: Harry Turtledove, David B. Coe, and Toni Weisskopf.
  • Free Fiction:
    • @Podiobooks: A collection of three stories by John W. Campbell…”Piracy Preferred,” “Solarite,” and “The Black Star Passes.” Read by Scott D. Farquhar.
    • @No Fear of the Future: “Memory” (part 18) by Jayme Lynn Blaschke.
    • “The Cosmic Express” by John Stewart Williamson
    • @Starship Sofa: fiction by Robert Reed and Vonda N. McIntyre. (Also: poetry by Mark Rich, and point of view by Terry Edge.)
  • Marie Brennan talks about hard fantasy at SF Novelists. “…hard fantasy and hard SF alike are concerned with how stuff works, and why.”
  • Tim Powers will illustrate James P. Blaylock’s Metamorphosis. [via Enter the Octopus]
  • Jeff VanderMeer is whetting my appetite (as it were) for The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds.
  • James Enge (Blood of Ambrose) has been added to the list of sf/f authors who blog.
  • Real Science you may not know: Young Galaxies are Surprisingly Magnetic! (Seemed liked something that warranted an exclamation point.)
  • The always-enthusiastic Kevin Maher from SciFi Scanner’s SciFi Dept looks at Blobfest 2008. No, this is not a video about William Shatner… Hiyo!
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