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SF Tidbits for 7/28/08

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  1. The link for Clarke/Pohl doesn’t do much of anything…


  2. Link fixed. Thanks!

  3. Still can’t get there. Here’s the link that shows up in preview:



  4. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented group of new authors,” said Liz Schuh, Director of Publishing at Wizards of the Coast. “We wish them success in their future endeavors.”


    In other words…don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    This isn’t the first time that a gaming company has ventured into non-gaming fiction and killed the line. General retraction in the industry or the wider economic troubles or???

    I keep wondering when we’ll see a contraction across the genre.

  5. OK, *now* it should be fixed. I don’t know why, but this post has been giving me enormous amounts of headaches when trying to save/edit it.

  6. “The BHMFFA Connection is currently looking for stories between 3000-5000 approx for a collection of fat-positive fiction centred around fat men.”…


    The jury should expect a LOT of stories like these:

    – Another Ice Age is coming, and only the fattest guy survives the first very long winter.

    – Alien visitors who weigh 600 pounds will only talk to “worthy” Earthlings who weigh as much as themselves.

    – A totally unexpected new fashion sweeps society, making obese men the new hip, cool “in” crowd.

    – The 800-pound vigilante “The Flattener” terrorizes the underworld by sitting, falling on and smothering mobsters.

    And so on and so on…

  7. Hey, thanks mentioning my interview, but the site linked to is actually a splog that lifted the interview from Travis Sheerman’s site:

  8. It works (Pohl-Clarke). Looking forward to August 5. There is a whole pile of books that I want to buy in August, but this one even beats the new Stephenson tome for anticipation level!


  9. I read the press release, and like all PR, it doesn’t even closely resemble the whole story.

    Steve and Melanie Tem’s Shocklines blog alludes to a bigger picture.

    From what I can tell based on the info I have…

    1) Hasbro owns WotC. 2) Hasbro is uncomfortable doing non-kid related projects. 3) Economic troubles makes middle managers wary. 4) Wary managers make these kinds of weird decisions for no good reason.

    Thus, market and great line of books is DOA.

    That said, the Discoveries books of this year will remain in print as long as people buy them, and the mass markets are still going to be produced next year.

  10. @Greg: Thanks! Damn sploggers. Link fixed.

    @J.M. Thanks for the update! See more at Shocklines.

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