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SF Tidbits for 7/5/08

  • John Picacio shows off the recently finished cover he did for the original fiction anthology Fast Forward 2 edited by Lou Anders. Click the images for larger versions and check out the levels of detail and symbolism. Awesome.
  • Over at Joseph Mallozzi’s blog, Kage Baker fields reader questions about her first Company novel, In the Garden of Iden.
  • Enter the Octopus interviews Kelley Eskridge (Solitaire).
  • Free Fiction @ Feedbooks: “Zombie” by Richard Kadrey.
  • Free audio fiction @ Escape Pod: “Those Eyes” by David Brin.
  • Just posted: the new issue of Concatenation.
  • Wonderlands is a social networking site for readers and writers of fantasy. [via When Gravity Fails]
  • Top 5 lists The Top 7 Politically Corrected Sci-Fi Plots. (#2: The giant ape is defeated after the woman he groped and stalked wins a multi-million dollar harassment suit.)
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2 Comments on SF Tidbits for 7/5/08

  1. The Fast Forward 2 poster is excellent! Reminds me of The Rocketeer’s.

  2. Chris, that artwork definitely influenced Picacio’s work, as he states here.

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