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Star Trek 11 Movie Poster Revealed

[via Entertainment Weekly]

Entertainment Weekly managed to snag a look at the new poster for the upcoming Star Trek movie reboot. Take a gander below:


After looking at this for awhile, I can’t say that it does a whole lot for me.

Sure, Zack Quinto looks awesome as Spock, but he also looks like Sylar with pointed ears. Is he type cast already?

Chris Pine plays Cpt. Kirk. Err, ok. He looks smug, and maybe he should. We all know Kirk re-programmed the Kobayashi Maru simulation so that he could win (I hear that is referenced in the movie) so maybe that accounts for the look on his face. Otherwise, his Kirk isn’t doing much for me.

Eric Bana plays the Romulan. Okay, at least he looks cool, even if he might have come straight off the set of Star Trek Ink. But we do get to see what a Romulan looks like in the new Trek, and they certainly, well Nero here, look intimidating.

Finally Zoe Zaldana plays Uhura. You may notice that her pose on this poster is similar to how most female characters appear on the cover of SF books: back to the viewer, looking over the shoulder. ‘Smoldering’ is the word I would describe her appearance. Since she’s prominently displayed on the poster, let’s hope the character has more to do than wear a mini-skirt and answer the phone.

Which leads me to this question…

Without a doubt, the big three characters of Trek are Kirk, Spock and McCoy. In fact, the original series is about their interactions and friendship as it is anything else. I would imagine that most non-Trek fans know these three more than the other characters. Why is McCoy not on the poster?

The one answer that makes sense to me is this: the poster is aimed at the fans in an effort to generate hype and word-of-mouth. Something like, ‘Look at what Abrams has done with Uhura!’ with much fan fawnage to follow. And really, if you aren’t a fan, do you even know which characters are being shown? No. I would imagine McCoy will appear on a later poster.

So, if it’s aimed at the fans, how does it affect me, a Star Trek fan? Well, I’m still not sold. Aside from Bana there, I think the poster is weak overall. Maybe that’s because I am not convinced that a re-booot, even with boy wonder Abrams, will succeed. I’m still waiting for that one piece of info, that one trailer that knocks me out about Trek XI. I’ll be waiting for awhile more it seems.

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11 Comments on Star Trek 11 Movie Poster Revealed

  1. I’m kinda underwhelmed myself. Where’s the ship? I would’ve liked to have seen some cool tech in there.

    There doesn’t seem to be a sense of cohesiveness. My eye went all over the place, like a ping pong ball on speed. I do dig the badge desgn, though.

  2. Ditto, Heather. A sloppy poster.

  3. I was hoping it was a bad, bad fake, but sadly…. no. I’m sure Mr. Quinto can suppress his emotions for a few hours, but can anyone really reboot Kirk? I mean, it’s a verb for being typecast!

  4. Count me in with the underwhelmed. After being engulfed by The Dark Knight yesterday, I’m at a place where other films seem rather quaint. Now, even Indy 4 seemed quaint and I liked it…back in May. Trek XI is a film that will have to convince me to see it…and I’m a Trekkie/Trekker.

  5. Very cheezy looking poster. I will presume that this is merely a test run and not the final copy. But, The notable exception of Dr. McCoy could be very significant. The director, J.J. Abrahms has always included a major female lead in all his projects. I think it is his intention to rewrite the “major 3” characters and put in Uhura in place of McCoy. I also think the movie studio is concerned about what the female movie watchers think and may have pressed for a major female role. The idea would be to avoid having this movie labeled as a “guy” flick.

  6. I dunno. I thought Quinto would make a good Spock when they announced it, but now actually SEEING him with the ears…you’re right. He looks like Sylar with pointy ears. If he so much as smiles in the movie, I’m going to wait for him to slice someone’s head open.

    I still have high hopes. I really, really want this movie to work. And who knows? It still very well could.

    If a poster’s out, maybe that’s a good sign, maybe we’re going to start seeing more media coming out soon. that’d be nice too.

    (I wonder who’s doing the soundtrack…)

  7. the only thing that’s got me interested in this movie is Simon Pegg… where’s the love for Scotty? and no Bones? it seems i’ll need to keep my expectations low.

  8. Dear J.J. Abrams,

    I would like a formal “ending” to the story this time. No giving up half way through please.


    -Smarmy Bastard

  9. Sargon Bighorn // July 22, 2008 at 12:23 am //

    Since Uhura gets a top billing in the poster and one presumes the movie, it would be good if she spoke several languages in this movie (Vulcan and Klingon at a minimum). In past movies the communications office spoke only English and that poorly. Of course it’s a lot to ask American viewers to think the universe speaks something other than English.

    The poster is okay, nothing note worth. That look on C. Pine’s face makes one think of “adult” movies. He’s far too young to be a viable Kirk.

  10. In the age of ‘universal translators’, why does the communications officer need to speak more than one language?

  11. If there is going to be anything on a Star Trek poster…it should be the Enterprise!

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