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Steampunk: Empire Strikes Back

bobafett.jpgWe’ve mentioned Sillof’s Workshop before, most notably for his (Sillof’s) Steampunk Star Wars and Gaslight Justice League creations, both of which are extremely cool. This time, Sillof has chosen to give The Empire Strikes Back the Steampunk treatment. And all I can say is, “These are way cooler than just about any other official Star Wars figures, ever!”

Just check out the cool ‘punk version of Boba Fett over there on the right and tell me you wouldn’t want one of those over the regular old version. I encourage everyone to go take a look at all the figures Sillhof has created, many of them with 360 degree animated GIFs for you to drool over.

Let’s just imagine, for a moment, that Lucas gets a wild hair and loosens his autocratic grip on the Star Wars universe and lets people, like Sillhof, go crazy with new concepts for Star Wars. I would totally play a Steampunk Star Wars game, or read a book or comic set in this setting. Too bad Lucas would never consider doing something like this, probably because his mattress is stuffed with enough Benjamins and adding anymore would just be ridiculous. Or Lucas believes he’s the only one allowed to be creative with the Star Wars universe, the first three prequels (and Jar Jar), not withstanding.

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  1. Clearly, JP, you just don’t understand George Lucas’ artistic vision. Because he totally has one. Like, totally dude. And everyone else would just ruin it.

    (Coming soon…special edition Prequel movies, now with 50% more Gungans, digitally inserted Ewoks, and crazy swingin’ monkeys!)

    God, these Steampunk things are cool.

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