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TOC: Interzone #217

The July/August issue of Interzone is out:Fiction:

  • “Africa” by Karen Fishler
  • “The Two-headed Girl” by Paul G. Tremblay
  • “The Ships Like Clouds, Risen By Their Rain” by Jason Sanford
  • “Concession Girl” by Suzanne Palmer
  • “Little Lost Robot” by Paul McAuley
  • “Comus of Central Park” by M.K. Hobson


  • Editorial by Pete Bullock – Our Electronic Editions Editor talks about the future of publishing and the TTA Press Podcast launching this summer.
  • Ansible Link by David Langford – news and obituaries.
  • Laser Fodder by Tony Lee – DVD reviews and competitions.
  • Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe – film reviews.
  • BookZone – book reviews by Paul Kincaid, David Mathew, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Jim Steel, Paul Cockburn, John Howard, Juliet McKenna, Andrew J. Wilson.
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