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TOC: IROSF July 2008

The latest Internet Review of Science Fiction is up with the following table of contents:

  • Editorial:Looking Toward the Future by Stacey Janssen
  • Obituary: Algis Budrys: Teacher by Bridget McKenna
  • Interviews:
    • An Interview with Jack Skillingstead by Arun Jiwa
    • The Ones to Watch, Part II: And Then There Were Only Four by Dotar Sojat
  • Features:
    • Japanese Science Fiction by Aidan Doyle
    • Lost-World Casting: Genre Forms and the Craft of Story by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold
  • Essays:
    • Science Fiction Rock (1969-1979): David Bowie and Gary Numan by Michael Andre-Driussi
    • Inkling Charles Williams: An Advertisement by Ryder W. Miller
  • Reviews:
    • The New Weird: A Review of the Anthology by Ursula Pflug
    • Review of Flood by Stephen Baxter by Niall Harrison
    • May-June Short Fiction Review by Lois Tilton
    • Review of Black Magic Woman, by Justin Gustainis by Flynn Gallagher
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