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Tube Bits for 07/03/2008

  • Artist Direct has posted an interview with David X. Cohen about the latest Futurama release, The Beast with a Billion Backs, which just sounds wrong on so many levels.
  • ABC has unveiled a LOST book club, detailing the many books showcased in the series. Several SF books have been shown, check the website for more info.
  • A few days ago I mentioned that Tim Kring’s list of things for Heroes season 3 didn’t include better writing. Now we learn that it will include Ali Larter. But she won’t be Nikki, but a completely new personality never seen before. That’s great.
  • In a move sure to please resident Halo hater, Tim, Microsoft announced that Halo is being made into a boardgame, to be published by B1 Games (what? Fantasy Flight was too busy?) for release in September.
  • Everyone’s favorite Cylon named ‘Six’ will be moving to USA’s Burn Notice. Take a gander at the TV commercial:
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3 Comments on Tube Bits for 07/03/2008

  1. Can’t wait for Burn Notice to come back, even without Six, but with her it should be even better!

  2. Burn Notice is amazing. The two-part season finale blew me away.

  3. Oh yes – Burn Notice… Tricia Helfer – I was already into the show, and now I am even more giddy. When will Grace Park show up? Mmmmm Boomer…

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