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Tube Bits for 07/08/2008

  • It’s time to go back to the future! The DeLorean Motor Company is back in business and is headquartered right here in sunny Houston, Texas. Who knew? If you want a new DeLorean, or even parts to upgrade your current one, they have everything you need. Except snow tires.
  • Tricia Helfer talks about ending Galactica, and let’s slip the secret that Ron Moore had no ‘plan’ for the Cylons. Doesn’t bode well for the finale.
  • As mentioned yesterday, rumors were circulating that Galactica would get at least one more movie, to be written by Jane Espenson. Today, Chief Tyral (Aaron Douglas), confirmed the movie is moving ahead, with Olmos slated to direct.
  • And now for a little humor. gives us Michael Bay’s rejected The Dark Knight script. Classic.
  • And one, final The Dark Knight trailer, loaded with action:
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3 Comments on Tube Bits for 07/08/2008

  1. I’m starting to overdose on The Dark Knight. The studio is releasing too many. It’s getting to the point where there will be no more mystery left when I go see the film.

    A much better approach is what the Hellboy folks are doing. I’m just sayin’…

  2. I sort of self-medicate with blockbuster movies that has tons of trailers. I watch a handful, and then stop watching them. I retain interest in the movie and lose interest in trailers.

    The exception being Hellboy II, because Hellboy on the Actor’s Studio is the coolest thing in existence… 😀

  3. So there was no plan? Gee, next you’ll be telling me Chris Carter was making up the mythology as he went along!


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