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Tube Bits for 07/16/2008

  • The Television Critics Association Press Tour has been going on this week. TV Week was there and live blogged the Fringe panel. Interesting, Abrams’ love for The Night Stalker and The Twilight Zone influenced Fringe.
  • Especially when you consider that Abrams says Fringe is not an X-Files clone. Let’s see: FBI – check. Propensity to feature weird/psuedo-science – check. Overarching ‘mythology’ plot – check. It may not be a clone, but it sure looks like a cousin. Especially if you’ve seen the pilot.
  • Saturday night looks to be an interesting night on Cartoon Network. Star Wars: Clone

    Wars, a new animated Batman series and new Ben 10 episodes will anchor the evening. I leave it to you decide whether this is a better lineup than Sci Fi has on Saturdays.

  • After the manhandling Firefly took at the hands of Fox, you have to wonder why Whedon went back to them for his new show, Dollhouse. Joss apparently accepted what the network needs from his show, and, anyway, “They didn’t do to me what was done to Firefly.”
  • Apparently Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog has gone live. As of this writing, the web site is down for the count, so no Doogie Howser goodness.
  • Thomas Dekker, of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, says his character, John Connor, is going to become more cold-blooded in season 2. Good! He was too much of a wuss in the first season. If they do it right, they can chalk his transformation up to character development…
  • JMS on whether or not to expect any more Babylon 5. The short answer: Don’t hold your breath. Sad really. Imagine what could have been if they had had a real budget.
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7 Comments on Tube Bits for 07/16/2008

  1. I’m happy that JMS has said, in effect, give B5 the support or let it die. The spinoffs (especially the “Rangers” movie) have been less than stellar. Better to let it stand on its own than beat the dead horse (“Star Trek”, anyone?)

  2. Does anyone have any more info on that new Batman cartoon?

  3. I downloaded Dr. Horrible on iTunes and watched it this morning.

    Whedon is a genius. Absolutely brilliant. It’s funny, it’s campy, but above all it draws you in. Whedon does in 12 minutes what most can’t do with teams of writers and millions.

    Can’t be more excited for Part II.

    Buy it on iTunes. It’s worth it.

  4. Sci-fi HAS a Saturday night lineup? Nodescript b movies have often been the venue. They don’t often hit anything that is recognizable as their stride. Some week a marginally good movie. Cartoon Network owns Saturday night not just the 8 to 11 mix but the 11 to 2 Swim side as well. With the advent of CloneWars and a new Batman, Sci Fi won’t see me until Monday

  5. I was wondering about more info on the new Batman cartoon too. Did I miss something? Is “The Batman” still running..? I thought that was a decent Batman cartoon. Not as good as the Paul Dini Batman run, but good nonetheless.

    I’ve been happy about the Joe Straczynski thing since I read it. I would like more Babylon 5…but I would rather have it not done at all than done poorly. And I respect that he had to make some of that stuff to get to a place, mentally, where he could say “All or nothing.” He’s a good man, that nice Mister Straczynski.

  6. I agree with Fred & Pete about Straczynski’s stand on B5. Do it right or don’t do it at all. JMS has figured out what George Lucas hasn’t – when you create something great, you have to stand back and think long and hard about whether trying to keep tacking extra bits onto it will pull the thing down. B5 was a magnificent piece of storytelling that still stands up to rewatching and it doesn’t need anything else for it to remain so.

  7. The Batman might be new to Cartoon Network, but it recently ended it’s 5-season run. It was an excellent toon, but I got tired of all the other supers than crowded in towards the end.

    I just caught the first two Dr. Horrible’s today, and they were astoundingly funny, and very Whedony. The last episode gets posted tomorrow, and then they all vanish when the weekend’s over.

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