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Tube Bits for 07/24/2008

  • If you’ve ever missed an episode of your favorite TV show, you may have wondered if there was a way to see what you missed before re-runs. Today, the major networks usually put the episodes for their shows online so you can stream them. Some even put them up on Hulu. But what if they don’t? Well, the bittorrent network is around and will always have the latest episodes of almost all TV shows. TorrentFreak did some digging and some figuring and brings us the top 10 most pirated shows on bittorrent. Stargate Atlantis comes in at number 3. Of course, the biggies are on summer break so expect those to climb the charts when they restart.
  • Jennifer Ouellette over at Twisted Physics takes the opportunity of the release of the new X-Files movie to take a look at the season 6 episode, “Monday”, and to use that episode to explain, in wonderful detail, about time loops. Twisted Physics is always entertaining, and this reminded of this Groundhog Day-like episode.
  • Femme Fatales interviewed, and photo-shot, Jolene Blalock for their latest issue. She had some things to say about the upcoming Trek movie. Things that should make William Shatner proud.
  • Eoghann over at Solar Flare explains why British SciFi Television is better than American. He makes some interesting points.
  • Everyone seems to be jumping on the webisdoes bandwagon. Joss Whedon is planning on doing a “full season of them” for Dollhouse, to go along with the 13 broadcast epsidoes, one for each TV episode.
  • BBC 1 is producing a 13-part fantasy series called Merlin, which Julie Gardner (head of Drama at BBC Wales) says, “In this new version, Merlin and Arthur are young contemporaries for the first time ever, bringing a much loved tale to a whole new generation with a fresh, youthful new look and approach for Saturday nights this autumn on BBC1.” Great, Smallville comes to Camelot. Anywho, Michelle Ryan, the new and canceled Bionic Woman is set to play the evil sorceress Nimueh.
  • According to Jamie Bamber (Apollo on Galactica if you’ve been living under a rock for past three years), the last 10 episodes of Galactica will wrap up all the outstanding questions and mysteries. Hopefully that means a ‘good’ ending, in the sense that it wraps up the series well, and not ‘good’ in the sense of humans win outright over the Cylons.
  • Is a live-action adaptation of the anime series Cowboy Bebop a good thing? I don’t know. I do know it’s one of my favorite SF Anime Shows. You want to talk heavy CGI, talk live-action Bebop. Still, I’m intrigued.
  • NBC has just posted a trailer for the web series, Gemini Division, starring Rosario Dawson. This looks like an interesting SF/action drama show. [H/T Sci Fi Chick]
  • And now the video portion of our post, with a tip of the hat to Boing Boing for the links. First up, artist, futurist and all around hoopy frood Syd Mead talks with Boing Boing TV about Bladerunner:
  • Speaking Syd Mead, Shrapnel is a new graphic novel, with mechs designed by Syd. Check out the trailer for the comic:
  • And finally, here is an awesomely creepy video of the song, “Dust in the Wind”, as sung by zombie puppets (an art form sadly lacking in exposure if you ask me):
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  1. re: “top 10 most pirated shows on bittorrent”

    Help me understand again how a publicly broadcast piece of media can be pirated again? Isn’t this just place-shifting? If it’s publicly broadcast the commercials paid for the broadcasting right?

    I know JP… I know… don’t hang the messenger.

    Sorry, but this one is a pet peeve of mine. The content owners seem to think we consumers don’t notice the “double dipping” they try to get away with.

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