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[UPDATED] A Trio of Videos of Neal Stephenson Talking About SF

[UPDATE: here’s the start of Stephenson’s entire lecture.]

I love the Internets. I love the unexpected gems that you find…like these three videos of Neal Stephenson talking about speculative fiction.

First up: Neal Stephenson Argues Science Fiction is Not a Genre where he says science fiction, or speculative fiction genre, and genres in general have faded in the classical sense.

Next: Why Science Fiction Actors Become Niche Actors in which Stephenson theorizes on why “niche” science-fiction/fantasy actors like Lucy Lawless, Hugo Weaving and Leonard Nimoy so often end up cast in these types of roles.

And finally: Neal Stephenson on Intelligence and Science Fiction, in which Stephenson analyzes the correlation between types of intelligence and appreciation for science fiction.

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2 Comments on [UPDATED] A Trio of Videos of Neal Stephenson Talking About SF

  1. These are from the Gresham College symposium a couple of months ago — there’s some discussion here.

  2. My first thought on listening to this was how the fading of genres as a category might play into the never ending debate on the definition of science fiction.

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