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Anathem Neologisms

BoingBoing has a sneak peak of “an abridged glossary of neologisms and language-bending goodies” from Neal Stephenson’s upcoming book, Anathem. Here’s a snippet from the PDF doc:

Anathem: (1) In Proto- Orth, a poetic or musical invocation of Our

Mother Hylaea, which since the time of Adrakhones has been the

climax of the daily liturgy (hence the Fluccish word Anthem mean-

ing a song of great emotional resonance, esp. one that inspires lis-

teners to sing along). Note: this sense is archaic, and used only in a

ritual context where it is unlikely to be confused with the much

more commonly used sense 2. (2) In New Orth, an aut by which an

incorrigible fraa or suur is ejected from the math and his or her

work sequestered (hence the Fluccish word Anathema meaning in-

tolerable statements or ideas). See Throwback.

— the dictionary, 4th edition, A.R. 3000
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4 Comments on Anathem Neologisms

  1. Whoah. Has Stephenson been dipping into Wolfe?

  2. It does sound like it, doesn’t it?

    I love me some Gene Wolfe, and I love some Stephenson, but I don’t think I have the brainpower for a fusion of the two…

  3. Heh, Pete, then I won’t stretch the boundaries by suggesting that if you toss in some Jack Vance and Edward Whittemore we might get to cold fusion…

  4. Think a more literarily accesible G. Wolfe with the science/worldview of Roger Penrose – equations in appendices though

    A once in a decade novel – I read it 3 times in a week and I will reread it at least once more when it’s out and reviews come in…


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