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Now this is some damn fine acting.

From Google Video: “Corporate claim-jumpers in 2049 try to steal Zac’s asteroid. Super 8. 16 minutes. 1981. CineMagic/SVA award receipient. Titles and computer screens made with a pimped-out Apple //e. Read the magazine articles at the flickr site. Bloopers at the very end.”

[via PoeTV]

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1 Comment on Asteroid!

  1. Old Bogus // August 16, 2008 at 9:11 pm //

    “Well, we got our HALF ASTEROID.”

    “You’re a genious, Sue”

    Such closing dialogue. And surface looked amazingly like stuff found ona a powerplant property: coal piles, ash dumps.

    A perfect movie! Ignore the critics who have never made a movie in their short lives.

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