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Books Received: August 18, 2008 (+ Book Meme)

Here are the books we received this past week.

And the usual meme: When considering the books above:

  1. Which books have the coolest covers?
  2. Which books have the worst covers?
  3. Which books do you most want to read and why?
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5 Comments on Books Received: August 18, 2008 (+ Book Meme)

  1. Coolest: the Martiniere cover for Pirate Sun

    Worst: A tie between the Afro Samurai, the Darkest Mask and the Moorcock. 


    I want to eventually read the Schroeder, and I do need to re-read the Moorcock at some point…

  2. Michael Moorcock’s “lric: To Rescue Tanelorn” cover is the worst, with “Of Quills and Kings” (just strikes me as old and dated and bland) coming in at a distant second.

    Schroeder’s “Pirate Sun” cover is easilly my favorite, as it makes me want to read the book without knowing anything else about it (though I do).

  3. I met Jennifer Rardin at a book signing yesterday.  She was very nice and I love the covers of her books, especially the latest.  My wife went ahead and picked up the first volume, I’m looking forward to hearing what she thinks about it.

  4. I already have Pirate Sun and the Elric volume. Pirate Sun is the best. I’m not sure if I’d call the Elric volume the worst, but he’s had better art gracing his volumes!

    Not really “worst”, but doing nothing to spark interest: Bitten to Death, Hunter’s Prayer, Of Quills and Kings. Meh.

  5. Best Cover: THE DARKER MASK is very interesting. Lots of publishers are playing around with a comic book aesthetic these days. Hats off to TOR for giving it a shot.
    Worst Cover: The PIRATE SUN cover painting is quite nice, but the design is claustrophobic.
    Book to Read: I need to rediscover ELRIC.

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