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Books Received: August 24, 2008

Here are the books we received this past week.

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4 Comments on Books Received: August 24, 2008

  1. In Google Reader, and possibly other RSS readers, the link you have displayed as “books we received” last week goes to the entire 2008 books received list, and not the list of 5 books here (the PermaLink for the entry).


  2. That’s intentional.


    Wait – I’m talking to nobody…

  3. You know, the covers for “Agent” and “Imaginary Friends” are the sorts of things I can appreciate intellectually, but don’t immediately appeal to me aesthetically. I read “Agent to the Stars” online long ago–it’s way more fun than that cover lets on.


    The cover for “Soldier King” screams “Generic Fantasy! Stay Away!”

  4. Best Cover: I love that Scalzi cover. But it might be a tad too smart. I dunno.
    Worst Cover: Even though I appreciate its exotic quality, THE ENGINE’S CHILD is a mess. I’m not sure where the designer could have placed the title, but it creates a jumble right there in the middle. Maybe a little art direction at the very beginning would have helped.
    Book to Read: The Czerneda, of course.

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