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Books Received: August 4, 2008 (+ Book Meme)

Here are the books we received this past week.

And the usual meme: When considering the books above:

  1. Which book has the coolest cover?
  2. Which book has the worst cover?
  3. Which book do you most want to read?

(Please Note: The quality of the PS Publishing covers are less than favorable as they have been slightly stretched.)

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9 Comments on Books Received: August 4, 2008 (+ Book Meme)

  1. I like the Postscripts cover. I’m a sucker for spaceships and dinosaurs, what can I say?
    The worst, in my opinion, is The Pilo Family Circus.
    Mars Life looks interesting as do the Mike Resnick books.

  2. Coolest Cover: “Mars Life”, it just draws my attention to it. “Postscripts #15” also looks good.
    Worst: “The Pilo Family Circus” It too “loud,” I want to look away.
    Most want to read: “Mars Life” Bova + Mars = it must be mine!

  3. Mars Life is the best, and is the one I want to read (combination of the cover and having read the two earlier ones, plus chunks of the overall “canon”.
    Worse is taken by Star Wars. Sorry, George!

  4. Yes, I’m sure George is wiping his tears with $100 bills. (H)

  5. Jim Shannon // August 5, 2008 at 2:32 am //

    I vote for the Postscripts cover as well.
    Stalking the Unicorn: A Fable of Tonight
    by Mike Resnick is a close second.
    I don’t like the cover of Template.

  6. Cage Night stands out for me. Worst is definitely Stalking The Vampire – there’s something messed up about the perspective of the dude in the picture.
    Most want to read would be The Economy of Light – looks like a love child of Einstein and Mark Twain Einstein with a medico symbol next to him and that has me intrigued.

  7. For coolest: The eye slitting open on Template is intriguing. (but I can’t stand the lettering)
    I can’t pick a worst; I find all of this batch bad for various reasons.
    I was already interested in Mars Life, but the cover is blah.

  8. Coolest: Cage of Night this batch, I think. The Living Dead is a nice cover and the Resnick covers have a really clear look for the series that is fun.
    Worst: Star Wars, definitely. The boring landscape of Bova’s Mars Life seems tacked on, but is in keeping with what they’ve done for his other books. The print for the title of Template is a noble experiment, but I think it fails as the title just doesn’t come through clear enough.
    To Read: The Pilo Family Circus because I’ve had numerous people tell me I must read it.

  9. My favorite cover is SONG OF TIME with POSTSCRIPTS 15 coming in second. Of course I may be prejudiced since I have pre-ordered both these books already. MacLeod is one of my favorite SF authors.

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